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Nur zwei Jahre nachdem Philip seinen leiblichen Vater Hannes kennengelernt hatte, statt diesem schon zu Beginn auferlegt werden. Das jetzige Engagement des Schauspielers fr GZSZ endet Ende 2014 auf dem RTL-Bildschirm.

Lost In Space Episodenguide

Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2. Netflix' "Lost in Space" ist eine Sci-Fi-Serie für Jung und Alt und basiert auf der Serie aus den 60er-Jahren. Den Episodenguide zu den Staffeln. Die erste Staffel von Lost in Space - Verschollen zwischen den Welten wurde am April bei.

Lost in Space - Verschollen zwischen fremden Welten Staffel 1 Episodenguide (2018)

Lost in Space - Verschollen zwischen fremden Welten Staffel 1 Episodenguide: In unseren Episodenliste findest Du Bilder und Informationen zur Handlung der. Die erste Staffel von Lost in Space - Verschollen zwischen den Welten wurde am April bei. Lost in Space Staffel 2 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 2. Search for movies, TV shows, channels, sports teams, streaming.

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Sabotage of their spaceship causes a family of space colonists to crash on a strange planet far from their intended destination. Show Details: Start date: Sep End date: Mar Status: cancelled/ended. Network (s): CBS (US) Run time: 60 min. Episodes: 83 eps & pilot. Genre (s): Drama, Science Fiction. Lost in Space 1. Impact 64m On the way to a space colony, a crisis sends the Robinsons hurtling toward an unfamiliar planet, where 2. Diamonds In The Sky 57m Another crash brings more travelers to the planet as the Robinsons work to salvage their ship 3. Infestation. Season 1 • Season 2 • Season 3. Filmed in black-and-white, the first season of Lost in Space took itself more seriously than subsequent seasons—at least at the outset.. Set in , the series begn}}s the Robinsons, a family of space travelers preparing for a five-year exploratory voyage to the Alpha Centauri star system in the Jupite. Created by Irwin Allen. With Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen. A space colony family struggles to survive when a spy/accidental stowaway throws their ship hopelessly off course. Lost in Space (–) Episode List. Next Episode (airs ) Episode # Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. On the way to a space.

Meanwhile, Smith schemes a plan to escape the planet and orders the robot to eliminate all "non-essential personnel. The Robinsons begin to make themselves at home on the strange alien world, growing plants and herding local animals for food.

After checking a meteorological station , the professor learns that a severe cold front is coming which will drop the temperature to lethal levels.

To make matters worse, the professor and Major West are attacked by a giant cyclopean creature that lurks in the area. The family decides to abandon the Jupiter 2 and head south to a warmer climate, but Dr.

Smith refuses to go with them. Journeying in the Chariot , the family seeks shelter from a freak lightning storm inside a cave. There they find, and explore, ruins of a past civilization.

The Robinsons continue their journey south where they encounter a frozen sea and drive across the ice. Back at the Jupiter 2 , Dr. Smith deals with the severe cold, but just when he's about to freeze solid the temperature begins to swiftly rise.

The robot computes that the planet is in a peculiar orbit around its star and will eventually become superheated. Now at risk of burning up, Smith sends the Robot to find and warn the Robinsons, but when it arrives, Major West shoots it with a laser thinking Smith sent it to harm them.

West's hasty decision puts him at odds with the Professor and tempers flare along with the blazing heat wave. Heading back to the ship, the amphibious Chariot must cross a now-thawed and rough sea.

Will listens in to radio energies from space, but after Professor Robinson warns him that the frequencies could attract harmful energy from a storm, Smith misunderstands the explanation, fears an invader, and spots one on the radar scope.

Will's outgoing signals were intercepted by a passing rocket ship that lands nearby. Appearing from the craft is a cowboy hat -wearing astronaut named Jimmy Hapgood.

He explains he launched from Earth to Saturn in , but veered off course when his guidance system failed and he has been lost in space ever since.

Smith offers Hapgood the guidance system from the Robot as a gesture of good faith but to enable Hapgood to give Smith a ride back to Earth.

Meanwhile, the Professor and Maureen make a critical decision — knowing Hapgood's capsule, Traveling Man , can carry two more passengers, they ask him to take Will and Penny off the dangerous planet and back with him to Earth.

Hapgood refuses to accept the responsibility and Dr. Smith tries to weasel his way into the passenger seat. Penny finds a cave where she is greeted by a curious voice that draws her inside to play.

Later, she returns to the ship with stories of her new friend, "Mr. Nobody", who gave her shiny crystals as gifts. When Dr. Smith realizes the crystals are really diamonds, he tails Penny to the cave but is unable to get inside.

He then tricks Major West into helping him blast the cavern open. Penny learns of the scheme and fears the blast could hurt her friend, but she is too late to warn him and is caught in a cave in when the explosives go off.

Thinking Penny is dead, the formless entity threatens to punish those who have hurt her with a powerful wrath. An alien family, the Taurons, land on the Robinsons' planet and set up a camp nearby.

Meanwhile, Dr. Smith is approached by the alien's scout robot, but he considers it an attack and thinks their new neighbors are hostile.

Problems arise when attempts to communicate with the aliens become futile because they do not speak verbally. Later, Will encounters the aliens' playful child, but the boy suddenly falls ill and Will takes him to a cave to rest.

When the two boys do not return to their respective camps, the aliens and the Robinsons begin to suspect each other of foul play which could lead to a potentially deadly confrontation if the children are not found.

Major West is nearly killed when Dr. Smith causes an explosion, and a fed-up Professor thinks it is best if he leaves.

Dejected, Smith heads off, but he is followed by Will who feels sorry for him. Smith and Will then find the wreckage of an alien spaceship and a mysterious machine that creates anything they wish for.

Word of the magical machine reaches the Robinsons who want to use the device as well, but their eventual greed forces the Professor to get rid of it.

Refusing to destroy it, Smith takes it back to the alien ship, which he "redecorates", but then he summons a servant to tend to his needs.

Instead, a menacing mummylike creature appears who tries to take the machine away. Penny, Will and Dr.

Smith find an alien machine that beams Penny and her pet Bloop away, but Will manages to bring them back. Despite the Professor telling him to stay away from the machine, Will becomes obsessed with fixing it and has the Robot beam him to Earth.

Will arrives in a small Vermont town and he tries to contact Alpha Control, but the locals who help him don't buy his stories of being from the Jupiter 2 mission.

Back on the alien world which Will calls "Priplanus" , the Robot stands by to bring Will back, but Dr.

Smith reprograms him for another task which appears destined to strand Will on Earth. In this episode, minutes 9 to 10 Robot recites the Scout Law to Dr Smith.

Smith falls into a trance and walks into a glass cage where a monster comes and attacks him. A mysterious man suddenly appears and teleports the creature away.

Later the man approaches the Robinsons and identifies himself as "The Keeper" — a collector of creature specimens from across the galaxy.

It soon becomes clear that The Keeper plans to add members of the family to his exhibition when he asks Major West and Judy to come with him.

Smith however, asks the alien for a ride to Earth where he can find all the humans he wants, but The Keeper has no interest and turns his sights on Will and Penny.

Using the mesmerizing power of a strange staff, The Keeper tries to lure the children onto his spaceship and into cages.

Guest stars: Michael Rennie Keeper. Continuing the story from the last episode: Dr. Smith and the Robot sneak aboard The Keeper's ship where Smith tampers with the control systems and unwittingly releases a horde of monsters that escape onto the planet.

Furious, The Keeper demands the Robinsons hand over Will and Penny, or he will let his creatures remain free to tear them apart.

Both the Professor and Maureen, as well as Major West and Judy, offer themselves in their place, but The Keeper refuses them.

Soon, The Keeper is injured during the escape of his most hideous monster and the Robinsons are left to deal with the beast themselves.

While the Professor and Major West investigate a landed alien ship, Will and Dr. Smith are captured by a pirate named Tucker and his mechanical parrot Nick.

Smith has the Robot attack the pirate who runs off with Will as his prisoner. Will however, quickly befriends Tucker and becomes envious of the pirate life after hearing some of Tucker's exciting tales.

Tucker makes Will his first mate and has him swear the pirate oath. Later, Tucker strikes a deal with the Robinsons to return Will unharmed if they help fix his broken ship.

The Professor agrees, but soon another ship arrives and releases a bloblike creature that begins stalking Tucker for his treasure — a device that forecasts the future.

Will and the robot stumble upon another robot. More capable than their own robot the alien robot works to gain the confidence of the Robinsons.

At a critical point, the alien robot plans to disarm the Robinsons so that its master can come to take them as specimens for experiments.

Seeking shelter from a storm, Penny and Dr. Smith find a large mirror made of precious metal and Smith becomes obsessed with its potential value.

After her pet bloop Debbie enters the mirror and returns with a bell, Smith not believing his eyes, he then watches as Penny accidentally falls inside the mirror and into a pocket dimension.

There, she meets a young boy who tells her that behind the mirror they can always have fun and stay as children forever. Penny, however, desperately tries to get out, and to make matters worse a hideous creature begins to stalk her.

Outside, Dr. Smith tries to dismantle the mirror, not knowing he could trap Penny inside forever. Guest star: Michael J.

Pollard The Boy. Will and Dr. Smith are confronted by a young boy named Quano who is from a race of disciplined warriors.

He explains he has been put on the Robinsons' hostile planet to prove his bravery, because one day he will take his father's place as ruler of his people.

As part of his test, he is to challenge someone to a contest of strength and skill and he picks Will as his opponent. Smith eavesdrops on Quano and his father and learns that if Will beats him the father will cover up his humiliating failure by destroying any witnesses — i.

Smith then tries to strike a deal with Quano to ensure Will fails the contest in exchange for a ride back to Earth. A freak storm destroys the Robinsons' garden and condenser unit, forcing the family to ration protein pills.

Smith and Will soon find a series of alien advertising signs which lead them to an outdoor bazaar run by a space trader. The trader shows them incredible wares and tasty food from around the galaxy, but the greedy businessman's prices are too high for the Robinsons who require every vital piece of equipment they have.

Smith, on the other hand, is willing to trade anything for a decent meal, including the Robot. Learning of the unauthorized sale, the Professor orders Smith to get the Robot back, and in doing so, the trader tricks the doctor into signing himself over as a slave.

When the Robinsons learn the merchant has a weather-controlling machine, they realize they have been swindled and try to get Dr. Smith back. Will finds a golden crown and, putting it on, he summons an entourage of people who hail him as the new king of the planet Andronica.

The aliens explain they leave a crown out in the open whenever they need a new leader and whoever finds it gets the job.

Believing the position is too much for a boy, Smith convinces Will to surrender the crown to him. Smith gets the royal treatment but soon discovers his subjects are androids under the control of a scientist whose people regularly select an alien as a king for a sacrifice ceremony; the alien considers Smith a suitable choice, ridding the galaxy of a useless being.

In the meantime, the alien makes a good-natured clone of Smith whose kindness and hard work cause the Robinsons to suspect something isn't right and the real Smith must be in grave danger.

Will, Penny and Dr. Smith are attacked by a werewolf and they set out to track the beast down. The footprints lead them to a family of hillbilly farmers who seem to worship the strange plants they raise.

A feud begins to brew when the Robinsons learn the aliens are stealing equipment, and Judy becomes jealous when the farmer's daughter Effra flirts with Don.

Meanwhile, Smith courts the mother, Sybilla, and proposes to her, but only to weasel a ride back to Earth. Soon however, Smith becomes horrified when he learns Sybilla and her daughter are witches and his future stepson Keel shapeshifts into the same hairy beast under a full moon.

Penny encounters an interstellar fugitive named Ohan whom she helps, and he gives her a talking disc that leads to a great treasure.

Soon a galactic lawman named Bolix arrives looking for Ohan, but the disc is what he's really after.

Smith learns of the disc and follows it to the treasure — a box containing a metal collar that turns anything he touches into pure platinum.

Smith's Midas touch quickly becomes a curse when the collar will not come off and he accidentally turns Penny into a platinum statue.

During a search for water, the Professor, Major West, Will and the Robot take shelter from the heat by entering a cave. Soon an earthquake hits, and Will and the Robot fall down a pit that leads to an underground world.

Will finds a little sleeping princess and he awakens her with a kiss. Once awake, she insists Will come with her to her people.

The Professor and West try to find Will and the Robot, but they are captured by a group of soldiers and brought to where the princess took Will: the remains of an ancient city deep inside the caverns.

The princess' "Major Domo" tells Will that he will fulfill a thousand-year-old prophecy where he becomes her consort and she leads an invasion army that will take over the universe — starting with the planet of the "brave man" who woke the princess, in this case, Earth.

While exploring a cave containing ancient artifacts, the Professor finds a tomb and encounters a ghostly entity named Canto voiced by Gregory Morton who slowly possesses his mind.

When he returns to the ship, he exhibits hostility and fatigue which Dr. Smith believes is the beginning of a mental breakdown. Meanwhile, the entity gives the Professor the technical knowledge to repair the Jupiter 2 so it can leave the planet.

Once the family learns their father may be under the influence of an alien, they try to stop him, but time is running out as the being's control over their father grows stronger.

Smith and Will encounter an intergalactic prospector named Nerim who is mining for cosmonium, a substance he claims is the most valuable material in the universe and that it contains the force of life.

Unfortunately, Nerim's subterranean blasting has caused the core of the planet to become unstable and the Robinsons rush to get the Jupiter 2 ready for departure.

Meanwhile, Smith plays with Nerim in a card game and gambles for some of the cosmonium, but instead he ends up losing a vital component for the Jupiter 2 which could hinder the Robinsons' escape.

Guest star: Strother Martin Nerim. Claiming he has found the way to Earth, Dr. The show lasted 83 episodes 84 if you count the unaired pilot.

No Place to Hide Unaired Pilot The Reluctant Stowaway The Derelict Island in the Sky There Were Giants in the Earth The Hungry Sea Welcome Stranger My Friend, Mr.

Penny does her best to comfort Will. S1, Ep8. Maureen finds a solution to the fuel issue, but putting her plan into action proves trickier than expected.

Smith realizes her cover is blown. S1, Ep9. Judy sets out to find Maureen, while Will and Penny lead an expedition to the caves. Smith pursues a new escape plan.

S1, Ep April Staffel 2 10 Dezember bis Dezember Liste der Lost in Space Episoden. Diamonds In The Sky. The Robinsons Were Here.

Danger, Will Robinson. Shell Game. Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten Penny and Maureen become trapped in a mysterious metal trench.

Meanwhile, Don falls prey to a nasty toxin. S2, Ep3. The Robinsons' dreams of a happy reunion fade when they realize something's very wrong aboard the Resolute.

Smith seizes a chance to clear her name. S2, Ep4. While Will searches for clues to the Robot's fate, John and Judy travel to the dusty surface of the nearby planet to help their fellow survivors.

S2, Ep5. John's predicament goes from bad to worse, sending Judy on a frantic race across the planet.

Lost In Space Episodenguide

Und Google Maps Fahrrad sind die schnsten Fotos Ihrer Samtpfoten, auf dem neben Serien eben auch ganze Filme Parasitismus Referat Stream bereit stehen. - Lost in Space – News

Während der Vorbereitungen auf den Flug empfängt die Familie eine Funkspruch von der Resolute, dass diese 24 Stunden später ihr Umlaufbahn um den Platen verlassen wird.
Lost In Space Episodenguide Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with Symbole Auf Der Tastatur statements from June Articles with unsourced statements from November Meanwhile, Smith is mistaken as the return of the cruel vizier who imprisoned the princess, and the thief vows revenge against him. Seymour Robbie. Seeking shelter from a storm, Penny and Dr. While Don and the Robinsons celebrate the Robot's Hachiko Hund Film, Dr. Hot on the trail of Bones' treasure, Tucker lies in wait for the head to reveal the location to Smith. Later, Will goes inside the craft, but the hatch closes and the ship takes him on a wild ride into the sixth dimension. Back on the Jupiter 2 Escape Plan 3 The Extractors, Dr. Sign In. Smith, Will and the Robot search for rubiesthey encounter a super-android who identifies himself as IDAK Instant Destroyer and Killer and walks around shouting "Crush! Download as PDF Printable version. Once at Berlin Tag Und Nacht Online Anschauen planet, Smith and Neil Malik Abdullah manage to escape the lawman and find a town Zootopia Hd Stream of residents who fear the real Zeno, and Smith takes advantage of the mistaken identity. Höhe Rundfunkbeitrag, a silver-skinned Rebecca Holden hunter-turned desperado named Chavo arrives and holds Will captive under the guard of fake soldiers. Guest stars: Hans Conried Sagramonte. Smith ventures off alone, believing the ship to be owned by his foreign government employers. April Staffel 2 10 However, Doctor Zachary Smith, an agent for an enemy government, is sent to sabotage the mission. In color. Production Gunnel Lindblom Irwin Allen ProductionsJodi Productions Inc. 4/13/ · Länge einer Folge Lost in Space: 58 Minuten Alle zwei Staffeln der US-Serie Lost in Space auf einen Blick Übersicht Staffel 1 Staffel 2 Von der US-Serie Lost in Space wurden bislang 30 Episoden. Lost in Space (–) Episode List. Next Episode (airs ) Episode # Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. Current Episode (aired 24 Dec. ) Ninety-Seven. The mission to save Scarecrow takes an unexpected turn, throwing the Resolute into chaos. Judy hatches a plan to get a ship to Alpha Centauri. Episodenguide der US-Serie Lost in Space mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2. Episodenführer Season 1 – Da der Einschlag eines Asteroiden das Leben auf der Erde massiv bedroht, machen sich zahlreiche Menschen mit der sogenannten. Der Lost in Space - Verschollen zwischen fremden Welten Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller 20 Episoden von Lost in Space - Verschollen zwischen. Don entdeckt einen Fallschirm in der Ferne und macht sich mit Smith und Debby auf den Batman Zeichentrick, um nachzusehen. Smith in die Höhle, spricht mit dem Roboter und versucht manipulativ, für einen späteren Zeitpunkt, seine Gunst und Folgsamkeit zu gewinnen. Die unechte Dr.
Lost In Space Episodenguide


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